Directions to the Wyoming State Fairgrounds

2017 Wyoming State Fair Dates: August 12th-19th!

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Wyoming State Fair Baskets

Bring a little piece of the fair home with you with these unique baskets.

Wyoming State Fair Collector Limited Edition Series Baskets Available: 2001 thru 2011

Wyoming State Fair fans have a special opportunity to once again purchase their “special edition” collector basket or baskets. The Wyoming State Fair is offering their 2010 & 2011 limited edition Collector Basket. Each basket is 100 % custom MADE in the U.S.A. by the American Traditions Basket Company in Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Wyoming State Fair Basket

The baskets are embellished with an elegant brass plaque engraved name plate with the words “Wyoming State Fair & Rodeo, Since 1905 and it’s specific edition listed on the plate. This is a collection of a series of “special limited edition” baskets which the WSF started offering in 2001. Also, starting with the baskets in 2008, you can register your baskets for a lifetime warranty. Each basket is signed and dated by the artisan.

Each basket is priced at $33.00 unless otherwise stated. Special “out of stock” orders will be charged an additional $15.00 per basket. Any questions please contact Vicki Rupert at

How to Order

Order your basket OR purchase the entire collection by calling the WSF office at 307-358-2398, email or download and mail this form (.pdf)!

Collector's Basket Series

From 2001- Present:

  • 2001- 1st Edition
    Bouquet Basket
  • 2002- 2nd Edition
    Friendship Basket
  • 2003 - 3rd Edition
    Cake Basket
  • 2004 - 4th Edition
    Mail Basket
  • 2005 - 5th Edition
    Crock Basket
  • 2006 - 6th Edition
    Popcorn Basket
  • 2007 - 7th Edition
    Natalies Basket
  • 2008 - 8th Edition
    Small Mail Basket
  • 2009 - 9th Edition
    Farmer Basket
  • 2010 - 10th Edition
    Chef Basket ($38.00)
  • 2011 - 11th Edition
    Napkin Basket ($28.00)
  • NEW! 2012 - 12th Edition
    Bread Basket