Condensed Schedule for 2018 Wyoming State Fair

 – By Wyoming State Fair Staff

The Wyoming State Fair is condensing the schedule for the 106th fair from the eight day schedule of past years to an action packed and active four day schedule.

The 2018 Wyoming State Fair will kick off Wednesday, August 15th and will finish strong on Saturday, August 18th.

“The condensed schedule will increase daily activity on the grounds for the duration of the fair while shortening the time away from home for families, vendors, and young people who participate in the fair,” said James Goodrich, Director of the Wyoming State Fair. “We believe it will be easier for youth from across the state to attend and compete at the Wyoming State Fair.”

The full schedule of competitions at the fair is still being finalized, and the goal is to include all of the 4H and FFA competitions that have traditionally been a part of the event. The focus of the Wyoming State Fair continues to be youth competition and the agricultural heritage of Wyoming held in a festive environment.

“We have been working on the schedule and are confident that most competitions that were a part of the fair before will be included in the condensed schedule,” said Goodrich. “Details of the upcoming fair will be finalized soon and we believe the change will maintain festivities, and give attendees fuller days of fair activities while keeping the focus of youth and agricultural related competition.”

Grandstand events and other traditional fair attractions are being finalized along with the schedule and will be announced soon.

“We are excited about this change to the 106th Wyoming State Fair and we look forward to the action packed schedule for this summer,” said Goodrich. “We believe this change is moving in a positive direction for Wyoming State Fair and will be the beginning of developing a more exciting and busy event in the coming years.”

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